Norma "Nana" Speakman
Norma in 1999

Birth Name:

Norma Jean Speakman

Date of Birth:


Date of Death:




First Appearance:

Sunday Afternoon

Last Appearance:

The Queen of Sheba

Portrayed By:

Liz Smith

Norma Jean Speakman is the mother of Barbara, mother-in-law of Jim, grandmother of Dave, Denise and Antony and great grandmother of David Keanu Ronan Best, Norma Orchid Delulah Porcha Best and Lewis Royle.

Norma is usually a victim of Jim's discipline and banter as in every episode where she features, other than The Queen of Sheba where Jim is seen crying by her bedside, Jim has said something to offend Norma. Jim even called a 'Greedy old cow' for not sharing her Revels with him.

Norma holds a close relationship with the Royles and also has quite a close relationship with Twiggy as Twiggy is always complimenting and comforting Norma by saying she is looking 'gorgeous as ever'. Norma usually comes round to the Royle household usually for Sunday Dinner which annoys Jim.

In the 2006 Christmas special The Queen of Sheba, Norma sadly dies of old age which hurts the Royles and surprisingly hurts Jim. Jim says to Barbara 'he would do anything to have one more bloody row with her'.