Jim Royle
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Jim in 1999

Birth Name:

James Randolph Royle

Date of Birth:






First Appearance:

Bills, Bills, Bills

Last Appearance:

Barbara's Old Ring

Portrayed By:

Ricky Tomlinson

James Randolph Royle (born 1939) is the head of the Royle family, whose reputation as a couch potato has made him a nation's comedy treasure.

Although extremely lazy, Jim considers himself active, but the only times he ventures out of the Royle household is to make the occasional visit to The Feathers, the local pub, with son-in-law Dave.

Jim is quite abusive to his loved ones, barking out insults to everybody, especially son Antony. Although his constant grumbling, he cares for his relatives deeply.

He shares a typical, "love-hate" reationship with Barbara's elderly mother Norma, but despite their arguments, they love each other secretly. He is extremely upset when she eventually dies, commenting that "he'd give anything to have one last argument with her".

Jim's side of the family are not mentioned often, but was revealed that both his parents died over twenty years ago, and his father didn't treat his mother very well.

It was revealed during the 2009 Christmas Special that Jim and Barbara was celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, putting the year they got married at 1959. Antony, Denise and Dave organised a surprise party for them, while they were out having a meal. According to Barbara, they met at the town hall dance, and fell in love straightaway.