Emma Kavanagh
Emma in 1999

Birth Name:

Emma Kavanagh

Date of Birth:






First Appearance:

Antony's Birthday

Last Appearance:

The Royle Family at Christmas

Portrayed By:

Sheridan Smith

Emma Kavanagh was the first girlfriend of Antony and the mother of Lewis Royle.

Emma was mentioned throughout Series 1 and half of Series 2. Jim was always taking the mick out of Antony about Emma and was always saying 'She was taking him for a ride and that it won't last long'.

Emma finally appeared in Anthony's Birthday after Antony brings her round for his Birthday party. It is revealed that Emma is a vegetarian after Barbara asks her if she wants a ham sandwich.

Emma's parents come round for Christmas in the Series 3 Christmas Special. The Royles were fascinated by Emma's mum Valerie's breast implants.

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