Denise Best
Denise in 1999

Birth Name:

Denise Royle

Date of Birth:






First Appearance:

Bills, Bills, Bills

Last Appearance:

Barbara's Old Ring

Portrayed By:

Caroline Aherne

Denise Best (née Royle) is the daughter of Barbara Royle and Jim Royle, the sister of Antony Royle, the mother of David Keanu Ronan Best, Norma Orchid Delulah Porcha Best, the auntie of Lewis Royle and the wife of Dave Best.

Denise is the princess of the family - she was Jim and Barbara's first born, so she gets all the attention and devotion of their parents, particularly Barbara. Anthony, on the other hand, is almost Denise's servant for the first three series, without Jim or Barbara batting an eye to this.

She often criticises her dad, Jim, for 'picking his nose and farting' or for 'leaving the fly hole undone', or just for being lazy, but she and her Jim love each other, as is apparent in the last episode of series 2, when Denise's waters break and her dad goes over to console her. 

Her mum absolutely dotes on Denise, and she is more than happy to let her. Anything Denise says or needs, Barbara thinks it is great - be it a new pair of leggings she's bought down at the market or the fact that she intends to cooks 'different' things for David when they get married, like 'pasta, stuff like that' (this never happens, by the way). 

Denise's relationship with her beau, Dave, is very much a loving one, despite David doing all the work, like changing baby David or getting some milk for herself when she is one (1) month pregnant! 

Denise's best friends is Cheryl Carroll, and they are often seen watching telly together or looking through magazines. Even though Denise is Cheryl's friend, and has even asked her to be bridesmaid at her wedding, it is said that she takes some satisfaction from the fact that Cheryl is a bit overweight and thus, makes her look better.