David Best
David Best in 1998

Birth Name:

David Best

Date of Birth:





Removal Man

First Appearance:

Bills, Bills, Bills

Last Appearance:


Portrayed By:

Craig Cash

David Best is the husband of Denise Best (née Royle), son-in-law of Barbara and Jim Royle, father of David Keanu Ronan Best Norma Orchid Delulah Porcha Best and uncle of Lewis Royle.

Unlike his selfish, lazy wife, Dave gets off his arse and does something like taking Norma home and fetching stuff for Denise and Jim. Also unlike his wife, Dave has a job as a removal man and is the only one who brings income to the Best household.

Despite not having many friends, Dave holds a close relationship with the Royles and is also friends with Twiggy and Duckers. Dave usually heads down the Feathers with Jim and Twiggy, which are the only times when Jim gets off his arse, and comes back stinking of drink to the delight of Denise.

In Series 2, Dave becomes a father after Denise gives birth to David Keanu Ronan Best. Who is never cared for by Denise and, according to Jim, doesn't know who his parents are as he is always left to the Royles and Dave's parents. In the 2006 special The Queen of Sheba, Dave becomes a father again, after Denise gives birth again, this time to their daughter Norma Orchid Delulah Porcha Best who is named after Nana.

Dave seems to become a dumber character as the series go on and as of the 2012 Christmas special Barbara's Old Ring, is much dumber than he was in Series 1.