Darren Sinclair-Jones
Darren in 1999

Birth Name:

Darren Sinclair-Jones

Date of Birth:






First Appearance:

Antony's Birthday

Last Appearance:

The Royle Family at christmas

Portrayed By:

Andrew Whyment

Darren is the best mate of Antony.

Darren is known for his robberies of fridge-freezers, cookers, microwaves and laptops. Just like his brothers, he has been involved in some illegal doings. He is always charged for his crimes but never seems to be put in prison.

Darren uses one or two word answers like 'yeah', 'no' and 'dunno really'. He also usually laughs at Jim's jokes, even if they're offensive or not funny, to get his approval. Like when Jim does a fart and cracks a joke about his wind, Darren will laugh to gain approval from him.

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