Cheryl in 1998

Birth Name:

Cheryl Carroll

Date of Birth:






First Appearance:

Bills, Bills, Bills

Last Appearance:


Portrayed By:

Jessica Hynes

Cheryl Caroll is Jo and Mary's Child, she is described as being overweight and always on a diet but she is always eating and never sticks to it. She is Denise's best friend and once had a relationship with a man called 'Slash' (name probably taken from Slash from Guns N' Roses), Twiggy , A strict Jewish man named Soloman she broke up due to not being able to eat pork pies and also a man named Derek. She, like Denise is seen thinking a lot about fashion. 

about CherylEdit

She is known for being a better parent than Dave and Denise as she tought L.David and L.Norma to read and write and she potty trained them. 

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