Barbara Royle
Barbara in 2012

Birth Name:

Barbara Speakman

Date of Birth:






First Appearance:

Bills, Bills, Bills

Last Appearance:

Barbara's Old Ring

Portrayed By:

Sue Johnston

Barbara Royle (née Speakman; born 1943) is the wife of Jim Royle, mother to children Denise Best and Antony Royle and grandmother of David Keanu Ronan Best, Norma Orchid Delulah Porcha Best and Lewis Royle.

Unlike her lazy husband, Barbara has held a job for quite some time, at a local bakery, and is the only person bringing a decent income into the household. She also serves as the cook of the family, as she prepares all of Jim's meals and makes sure that she dishes a good roast dinner every Sunday, for the whole family.

Despite being a busy and respectable housewife, she doesn't mind shifting the workload to her frequently called-upon teenage son Antony, who serves as the family's alternative houseservant if Barbara is too busy, or just can't be bothered, doing a certain task.

Despite having not many friends outside the family, Barbara holds a close friendship with next-door neighbour Mary Carroll, who is constantly popping in and out of the Royles' house on a daily basis, and even talks for hours on the phone too, despite only living metres away.

As the caregiver of the entire family, Barbara is obviously the sympathetic parent, and is always at hand to give out advice to her troubled friends and family members, especially daughter Denise.

As of 2009, Barbara has been married to Jim for fifty years.

She is well known for her appearance such as her pink slippers, her pink watch, her glasses on a chain around her neck, her leggings, her jeans, her denim skirt, her pink jumper, her blue jumper, her flowered jumper, her flowered cardigan, her blue t-shirt and of course her hairstyle.