Antony Royle
Antony in 2006

Birth Name:

Antony James Royle

Date of Birth:





Business Man

First Appearance:

Bills, Bills, Bills

Last Appearance:


Portrayed By:

Ralf Little

Antony James Royle is the son of Barbara and Jim Royle, brother of Denise, brother-in-law of Dave, grandson of Norma and father of Lewis Royle.

Antony is always told to do stuff by Jim, Barbara and Denise such as make the tea, answer the door and the phone and go to the off license. He is usually called lazy-arse by Jim or Lurch or Lurkeo.

In 1999, Antony gets a girlfriend named Emma and brings her round in Antony's birthday. Emma soon falls pregnant with Antony's baby and gives birth to Lewis Royle. In 2006, in the Queen of Sheba, We see Lewis as a boy for the first time. Lewis is caught by Jim drinking a beer with Little David. In the 2010 special Joe's Crackers, Saskia, Antony's new girlfriend, goes into labour near the end of the episode.

In The Queen of Sheba, It's revealed that Antony is a successful business man and is on his way to a conference in Milton Keynes.